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In The Same Boat 19/44

In The Same Boat 19/44 published on 5 Comments on In The Same Boat 19/44

Target 1: HEY!! Who are you??

Dex: Uh-oh. Looks like we’re fighting our way out of here. Get in the pocket. I’ll zip you up.

Kahu: The force of an impact against your abdomen would be medically devastating for —

Dex: The whole vest is impact-proof!

Including the pocket. Feel that? Un-squishable.

Kahu: Oh! Huh.

Dex: Now, in!

Dex (thinking): And not a moment too soon.

Target 1: What did you put in there? These are OUR black-market animals! Get your own!

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Good news, Dex, you get to avoid a lot of your difficult moral questions if you kill them all while saving Kahu. Just hope that none of the guys you kill are actually spies from UI Fish & Wildlife Service or any other agency that was trying to put a stop to this operation.

Of course, that is not exactly a likely outcome. I mean, it’s more probable that at least one of the smugglers *doesn’t* attempt to dance with the crazy heart dagger wielder, especially if they’ve managed to place someone in the position that you’d be reporting all of this to after fighting through all of the apparant bad guys.

But at least this will *feel* cathartic, so you get that at least.

Thing is, the SOoMH can use that as a means to pick up the trail from that specific port and begin looking over the most likely means they would return through. The deeper Dex gets involved, the more risk of being found. Dex doesn’t seem like the type to give a damn about killing another uniform, but they will be livid if they lose the chance to get home.

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