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In The Same Boat 30/44

In The Same Boat 30/44 published on 5 Comments on In The Same Boat 30/44

Kahu: Is it leaving? The harbor locks are still inoperative at this hour — but a magical girl with sufficient power could bypass —

Dex: Ohh, this boat can’t go anywhere.

Kahu: You have evidence this mage was not sufficiently powerful?

Dex: No, I have their ship reported to Water Traffic Control. It’s docked until a . . . non-undercover . . . team from Fish & Wildlife can come to inspect the hold.

Kahu: Do you have an estimated time for their arrival?

Dex: An estimated time? Technically, no.

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I can’t help but wonder why they don’t have a proper lock with two gates, so they can use it all day, like canals do.

It’s a much bigger body of water than a canal, and much less controlled. And they don’t just have to transition between Level A and Level B, they would have to match a huge range of levels on the ocean side (more dramatic than any tides on Earth). So the engineering would be a lot harder.

(It’s more based on real-world ports where the traffic is limited based on the depth of the tides, rather than real-world canals.)

I suspect they tried it at some point, there was a catastrophic failure, and the public opinion was “we’re not paying for that again, let’s go back to having magical girls handle it.”

And eventually skyport portal travel became mainstream, so the demand for boat travel went way down anyway.

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