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In The Same Boat 31/44

In The Same Boat 31/44 published on 6 Comments on In The Same Boat 31/44

The Fish & Wildlife mage is a cameo of Velin, an OC belonging to a Kickstarter backer. One of their other rewards was a full-body illustration of his Leif & Thorn in-universe design.

Speaking of which — the Leif & Thorn Volume 4 campaign is coming up fast! Join the artist’s mailing list or follow on Patreon to get updated the minute it launches.

Kahu: Wow . . . that’s a remarkable response from your department.

Dex: Oh, you’re too kind.

Dex (narrating): We can only hope the actual department lives up to expectations.

Clearly, calling them in was the right move . . .

Local security was either terribly incompetent, or actively taking bribes to look the other way . . .

But these folks’ training might not be able to keep up with the precedent set by “spelltech-enhanced secret agent/spy/dark magical girl specialist/grey-hat hacker.”

I do hope the mage isn’t giving them too much trouble.

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Actually, seems they are more competent than Dex.

Dex: uncovers a smuggling operation, bypasses the cover-up hacking that official security couldn’t or wouldn’t get through, disables a lot of the group’s defenses, instructs Fish & Wildlife exactly where and when to pick up the culprits, effectively stalls until F&W gets there

Fish & Wildlife: follows instructions

So, sure…between the two, Fish & Wildlife is more competent at (a) having inherent magical talent and (b) following instructions.

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