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In The Same Boat 32/44

In The Same Boat 32/44 published on 2 Comments on In The Same Boat 32/44

New on Patreon: a follow-up to April’s “knights in a bottle” wallpaper. This one features tiny bottled versions of Dexie, Hermosa, Delphinium, the Woman in Black, and…Kale. (Don’t worry, he’s on the opposite side of the table from Dex.)

Kahu (thinking): . . . I sure am underwater in a deep lake being carried by a giant stranger, huh.

Kahu: Um — do you have plans for our destination?

Dex: You know the ladders along the harborside? . . . Well, maybe you don’t, they’re human-sized.

We’re heading for one of those. It’s only a few hundred feet away.

Kahu: It . . . is? How did you — ?

Visibility can’t be greater than a few dozen feet.

Dex (narrating): Score another point for “it is not overkill to build the pricey filters directly into your eyeballs, babe.”

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