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In The Same Boat 33/44

In The Same Boat 33/44 published on 2 Comments on In The Same Boat 33/44

Dex: Ooh, there’s a Tamaputian-sized ladder after all! How cute!

Dex (narrating): Time to turn the stealth tech back on? Or is my “don’t draw attention” plan totally a lost cause at this point?

Paikea: Keep your grubby magic off me, you-!!

F&W Mage: Sounds like you’ll need to be de-powered until we sort this out.

Dex (narrating): Oh, good! “Random pair of fully-clothed people suddenly climbing out of a lake” — isn’t the most memorable thing going on right now.

F&W Mage: Whoops, wrong size! Oh well . . . I guess they still work.

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