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In The Same Boat 40/44

In The Same Boat 40/44 published on 9 Comments on In The Same Boat 40/44

At last, it’s here!

…I don’t just mean the return of Hermosa and/or Marula, I mean the launch of the Volume 4: Blazing Stars Kickstarter!

Go go go:

Volume 4 Kickstarter

Central, Ceannis.

Hermosa: Not in here — Not here, either —

Marula! Where did you put my notes?!

Marula: Your what now?

Hermosa: The notes I made to help with my memory lapses. They’re not where I left them! And Pascentia wouldn’t have hidden them.

Marula: So you think I must’ve taken them? You’re the one with memory problems. Bet you put them somewhere else, and just forgot that you moved them.

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I note that Marula’s giving a command in her last line here, rather than owning the bet. I’m sure if one confronted her over it, she’d assert that she was just being lazy about the “I” bit.

But I’m not confronting her. I’m discussing her. Is this an aversion to outright lying? Or just taking delight in the ambiguity and giving her the ability to claim she didn’t actually lie here.

I have this feeling that, despite her wiki profile’s claim that she *can* be a decent ally, she actually can’t be. The work to set the firm boundaries, direct her interest, and enforce those firm boundaries is just always going to be more effort than anything you can get out of her in return.

Society’s based on taking advantage of synergy – I do something that’s trivial for me but really helpful for you, you do something that’s trivial for you but really helpful for me, and we both come out ahead. Marula doesn’t do that.

I don’t know if I would be willing to make a blanket statement that Marula can’t be a decent ally from this page, but I would be willing to make a statement that she’s not being *Hermosa’s* ally.

It’s also a pretty broad assumption to say that because she generally chooses to put zero effort into working with someone in a helpful and respectful way doesn’t mean that you have to do the work for her in order for her to be an ally. I think that it’s more, she has to feel personally motivated in order to choose to make that effort, instead of being naturally inclined to do so.

tl;dr version: I don’t think Marula is *incapable* of being supportive and a good ally. I think Marula usually doesn’t care enough to bother doing it.

p.s. I have no idea what you’re talking about with “a command” and I’m curious. Isn’t she just saying “you’re the one who misplaced them, not me” in a snarky way? How’s that a command?

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