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In The Same Boat 41/44

In The Same Boat 41/44 published on 17 Comments on In The Same Boat 41/44

Just as the inner Hermosa-voice is a good influence on Dexie, the inner Dexie-voice is a good influence on Hermosa.

Hermosa (thinking): My “hiding secret information” tactics date back to before the memory loss . . .

Hermosa: That’s not — I wouldn’t have —

Inner voice of loving-kindness: What if you did, though? Is it fair to yell at her when you’re not sure?

Inner voice of self-indulgence: You worked so hard (probably), and the effort was wasted? Sounds like time to just give up.

Inner voice of spouse: Nnnnnope!

Do NOT let her shake your self-confidence. She’s totally messing with you. But also, don’t keep arguing, you’ll just tip her off about more ways to mess with you.

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Unfortunately, I have to agree with Inner Dex on this one. Not my favorite thing to do, but he has a big point.

I believe that Dex is “they”.

But yes, you don’t want to give them fuel – I may have stopped people from calling me a nerd in school by putting a Dymo label on my collar that said “I’m a nerd”.

Well, as obsessively vicious as Dex is, it isn’t like this inner voice is the only time we’ve seen them do good…

I wouldn’t describe Dex as “vicious”? They’re more like… Chaotic Good, trained by an organization who often does “Good” by murdering people (or vampires) in cold blood.

Why, the henchman got to keep his life *and* his limbs, and they’ll be *almost* the same length as they were to start with!

Yeah, Chaotic Good is a good one, especially since “chaotic” is on that axis the opposite of “lawful”. Dex actively doesn’t care about things like *laws*. xD And an important thing about Dex as a character is that they do act for the good of others… even though sometimes they’re, y’know, wrong about what the good of others might be.

I’m SO relieved that Hermosa is not falling for the gaslighting.
Side note, I don’t understand why the Order decided to assign Marula to this job. I thought her talents lied in vigilante murder. Unless they want her to kill Dex if they come back, which doesn’t seem like a likely goal for them.

I suspect that they assigned Marula for a number of reasons that boil down to “She’s new.”

1. They probably don’t have any tasks that depend on her knowledge of the situation, because they probably haven’t ASSIGNED her any long-term tasks yet.

2. Them being assholes enough to hire her in spite of who she chooses to be doesn’t mean they’re stupid enough to send an unknown element into sensitive situations.

3. She can learn from Hermosa. If she’s paying close attention (and she seems to be), she can pick up some of the tactics they’ve historically used, and she can also put her training to the test against him in a small way without too much danger because, depending on how his memory loss works, it might catch him mid-stream so that she has time to catch up to and dismantle his task before he can finish.

4. They can learn about her by observing how she deals with Hermosa.

5. Hermosa doesn’t know her and how she works–like, he probably knows ways to socially engineer Del and WiB, but them knowing it’s happening isn’t always going to stop them falling for it. He doesn’t know Marula, and the memory loss probably makes it difficult for him to LEARN her, which makes it harder to socially engineer her, and easier for her to keep him contained.

6. Everybody else probably has more important shit to do. I can’t remember how large the Order is, but if it’s small, or if the number of people at Hermosa’s skill level/level of secrecy is small, it might be a case of Del chasing Dexie, WiB handling her own cases and Del’s, and Marula handling Hermosa because she’s all that’s left.

At least a few times in my life I’ve been put in a position to be an “educational experience “ for someone else at my expense. And that’s one of the shittyist ways someone with power over you can treat you short of outright abuse.

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