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In The Same Boat 42/44

In The Same Boat 42/44 published on 8 Comments on In The Same Boat 42/44

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In Love With A Fairytale

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Hermosa: . . . Okay. I’ll . . . go look again.

Hermosa (thinking): I’ll look for a better hiding place, is what I’ll do.

Already asked if I could have any other agent guard the flat . . . I’ll get Pas to ask again.

Could I put out decoy notes? — But if I find those mid-fugue, I might be fooled by them.

At least I’ll catch it if Marula tries to bug the place, because I can scan for those.


. . . with my eyes. I’m sure she’d steal them too — but until she’s gone, they’re never coming out of my head.

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Nice how he’d presume she wouldn’t find a way to rip them out of his skull.

I had the same thought last night, but couldn’t think how to phrase it.

That said, I’m gonna guess that Hermosa (or Dexie, while Hermosa was not competent to choose for himself) stuffed those eyes full of a goodly selection of surprises that aren’t standard for occular implants. If it can keep Marula from touching his head entirely while he sleeps, Hermosa’s probably good for at least a catnap…

The problem then is how long do his spelltech eyes last without ‘recharging’, can he recharge them in situ, and did Marula think ahead of him and hide the charger to screw with him, instead?

The spelltech prosthetics definitely pop up an automatic shield if any unauthorized person tries to take them off the owner’s body, so that part is secure.

Spelltech devices need a lot less recharging than, say, the average cell phone, so that’s probably not going to be a problem. Depending on how long Marula ends up sticking around.

…I was thinking hygiene would be the biggest concern, based on some research about how IRL prosthetic limbs should be taken off and washed every day. But then I looked into IRL prosthetic eyes, and apparently you’re supposed to keep those in as much as possible. Maybe I’ll just say “the magic ones are different, because reasons.”

I expect Erin’s thought on firm rules comes into play here. Basically, Marula knows she’d get in trouble for that, there’s no way she could get away with it. It’s not that far removed from why she doesn’t just cut people up at random, you know?

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