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In The Same Boat 5/44

In The Same Boat 5/44 published on 5 Comments on In The Same Boat 5/44

Dex (thinking): Might as well re-check the security cameras I hacked. See if anyone’s looking for me yet.

Okay, this is kinda funny.

Get a room! . . . wait, I guess technically they did.

An unhappy Tamaputian at the service desk? Wonder if I can make this thing zoom in.

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Hey, respect people’s privacy

Dex has a lot of skills and things but I gotta say their rating on the “respect for others” scale is consistently Pretty Darn Low. I’m not even sure how much *respect* they have for their perfect and wonderful husband, and I feel like he should be the one most likely to have it.

If Dex is more like the people I’ve met who they seem to resemble most, they have a lot of respect for Hermosa’s privacy, and will insist that *other* people give it to them both.

If you did not read into that any lack of respect of privacy from Dex to Hermosa, then I did not communicate well.

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