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In The Same Boat 8/44

In The Same Boat 8/44 published on 14 Comments on In The Same Boat 8/44

Dex (narrating): I could head over there, intercept this person, and ask what they saw . . .

. . . but “running back the security video to look for clues” sounds less stressful.

Guard loads a video, checking a tunnel for suspicious activity. Nobody there. Just some dry leaves.

Let’s tap directly into the camera’s logs . . . Ooh. Someone did a very shoddy job of copy-pasting . . . About ten minutes of footage.

And they didn’t even hard-wipe the original data! Stars, it’s like they’re not even trying.

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Okay, Dexie, what’s your bar for “very shoddy”, is it “pretty dang good by most standards”

Yyyyes. Yes, it is.

How good was the Northwind assassin, that D10 had to hack the autopilot in the “with a heart-axe” sense?

And how much better has D10 gotten at hacking since then? I’m thinking they got some Kudzu-related practice…

That situation happened the same week as the Kolpovision party, so they haven’t had a lot of time to practice!

But yeah, that was some heavy-duty cursing. Less like the spelltech counterpart to “giving the autopilot a virus,” more like “melting its circuits together.” Damage you can’t just tech your way out of.

Cool! This gives Dex something to do for the next 6 hours. And it currently looks to be useful for society, unlike what Dex was up to at the Kolpovision party.

For the comics poll, I could have answered more accurately if it was “pick all that apply”!

There has to be one that came chronologically first, though! That’s just how linear time works.

People might not remember which one that was, though, if they started reading several series at roughly the same time – I certainly don’t remember which manga was my first.

Chronologically similar: Sunday newspaper comics, Tintin and Asterix, Archie, and the _Origins of Marvel Comics_ collections in the library (Dewey 741.5, which I memorized so I could find the comics).

Cerebus gets an honorable mention; in college a friend of mine got me back into comics with a mix of underground comix from the 60s, Sandman, and Cerebus. Sandman was being published at the time, and there weren’t any webcomics yet.

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