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International Singalong

International Singalong published on 13 Comments on International Singalong

Now that Elisa’s gone, I need to actually design other servants to fill out the background…

Comic speedpaint, including the start of this strip:

Torsten: Are you still logged in? I want to check my fantasy hockey scores before breakfast.

Leif: Just a minute, Torsten, I’m trying to learn these lyrics . . .


Katya: Leif, why are you suddenly singing all these foreign-language songs?

Leif: They’re the “Kolpovision” entries this year, Katya! I read on the net that party traditions can include “singing along.”

Katya: How many of the songs are you learning?

Leif: Um . . . all twenty-two. I want to have all my bases covered!

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Music cipher:
Panel 2:
Waking in the rubble
Walking over glass

Panel 3:
Neighbours say we’ re trouble
Well that time has passed

Panel 4 left to right:
Peering from the mirror
No, that isn’ t me
Stranger getting nearer
Who can this person be

You wouldnt know me
At all today
From the fading
Light I fly

Rise like a phoenix
Out on the ashes
Seeking rather than

Panel 5:
You know I will rise like
A phoenix but you’ re my flame

“I-It’s not like I enjoy non-Sønska music! It’s practice for an upcoming rental. Anything less than perfection would reflect poorly on our great nation!”

… I just got all comics replaced by swords with “next” text.

In northernligths theme. Maybe you shouldn’t use “next-webcomic-link” class on the link you put comics in just because it links to next comics.

And BTW, if I switch to blue castle and force-reload I’m back on northern lights.

That’s not me, that’s built into the theme! I just didn’t notice :/

Pushed an update that restricts it to links within the nav section…and switched the default to Blue Castles in the meantime.

… restricted too much, now the “next” is not visible even below the comics when I switch to northernlights.

And remembering selected theme is still not working. How it’s supposed to be remembered? Cookie?

Lots of cute Leifs on this page. I approve.

This arc is going to be… interesting for me to read, since I’m usually quite disinterested in Eurovision despite my country being one of the participants. The culture surrounding Eurovision – and devoted fans like Leif here – intrigue me, but I prefer watching from the distance for now. That being said, I’m excited for what’s to come.

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