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Kale in Lockdown, part 2

Kale in Lockdown, part 2 published on 19 Comments on Kale in Lockdown, part 2

Crown Hill neighborhood, Central, Ceannis.


Niamh: Rrrrr?

Kale: No, Niamh . . . I’m not gonna look at the message. Probably a bot.

Or a weather alert. Which, who cares? I’m not allowed outside. Or work . . . guess it’s been a minute since I updated any of my translation projects, huh . . . Meh. Dunno why they’d chase me. I’m replaceable.

Niamh: Woof!

Kale: Hngh . . . I said no, girl.

Niamh: (poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke)

Kale: Okay, fine!

I will get up long enough to look. That’s all.

I will put my stupid eyes in . . . read the stupid message from some random bot . . .

Facetbook: 1 friend request!

From: Leif of Sønheim


Niamh (thinking): Not so random after all, huh.

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So when does it come up that Facetbook has been manipulating people’s information to make more money?

yes, good… the endgame of “thorn has two hands” is drawing closer…

And so does Kale!!!!!!!!!! (and Leif!)

I’m so glad it’s not just me, lol. Honestly I just want Kale to end up happy and safe, no matter what his love life looks like, but ohhhh I also want all three of them to use two hands… Even though the mental and emotional loops they’d have to jump through would be nightmarish.

I am so immensely here for this, too. And honestly? while there definitely *would* be a lot of work to be done, on all party’s parts… I think it may be easier to ensure/work on there not being abuseable power dynamics?

Like, polyamorous situations aren’t inherently safer – I’m saying that on the basis that I believe all three of them would be dedicated to creating genuine safety and connection outside of hierarchical roles.

I think they could all lend each other perspective and support in really wonderful ways, and also just…. they’d be so cute together…. I wish to see them all cozied up in a cuddle pile, drinking their favored teas and dipping baked goods they all made together into them…

Seeing the dog outside in the first two panels I wonder who’s taking Niamh out for a walk if Kale’s staying inside all day.

He MIGHT be clever enough to go alone, on the other hand he might not be allowed outside either …

Thorn’s kitty is clever enough to go out on his own, so I’m sure Niamh is, too. 🙂 And chances are good that Niamh is allowed out on his own because he doesn’t have any powers, unless Kale’s handlers are worried about what would happen if Kale needed Niamh and Niamh wasn’t close by…

This reminds me: do we ever got answer to the range of Kale’s eyes? Do he really NEED to put them in socket or would they work if just held close? And why not? It’s not like if they would be physically connected.

I would guess that they are designed to only work when they are in an eye socket so that people with them only see things when their eyes are where eyes are supposed to be. It would probably be very disorienting if your eyes weren’t aligned the same way they normally are.

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