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Kale in Lockdown, part 4

Kale in Lockdown, part 4 published on 13 Comments on Kale in Lockdown, part 4

Yes, this page is 50% scenery. I worked hard on those elaborately-detailed long shots, I get to spend a day just showing them off. (This won’t be the last time you see them, either…)

#8F3A31/leif: You really are fluent in Sønska / The most of anybody I’ve met in Ceannis / Did you ever spend time living in Sønheim?

Kale (thinking): How do I vague this up . . .

#D88D07/kromarin: I grew up in a town near the Mountains, w/ lots of Sønska residents / So things were really bilingual in general

#8F3A31/leif: Oh, cool! Which town?

Kale (thinking): Definitely can’t just tell Leif “Montmere.” He’ll open Crystalpedia, and see the section about me. With photos!

Takeover by dark magical boy
Main article: Magical Kudzu
At a Northwind meeting in RE 3009, Magical Kudzu killed four executives, several security staff, and (presumably) whoever was in charge of recording the minutes.

#D88D07/kromarin: Probably nowhere you’ve heard of

Leif (thinking): I could always look it up! . . . Unless this is Kale’s way of saying he doesn’t want to talk about it.


Leif (thinking): One more check before I go to bed! In case there’s a new message from Thorn, or . . .

#D88D07/kromarin: Can I ask where you grew up?

Leif (thinking): Or this!

#8F3A31/leif: Sure! It was in Hammer Falls / Which wasn’t bilingual at all? Tho it’s also pretty close to the mts / Not across from Ceannis, more west, by Doyon / We do get tourists at least / it’s p small and quiet but ppl come to see the most beautiful scenery in the world / Like who wouldn’t

Leif (thinking): Do I have to spell all this out? Everyone’s familiar with every town in Sønheim, right?

Also, there’s no way he can use just the name of the town to figure out who my parents are . . . Can he? How long should I wait for a response before I get worried?

#D88D07/kromarin: sorry, didn’t notice you answered! / I figured, while you were busy, I should try to go make dinner

Kale (thinking): Or whatever meal it’s time for now . . . Ooh, my therapist is gonna have a field day analyzing this one.

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Okay, seriously? I usually roll my eyes or feel sorry for Leif (whatever is more fitting for the situation) when he describes anything from his country as the best/the most/etc. anything, but… yeah. The Hammer Falls area is definitely up there on the “most beautiful places” lists. 😀

Leif. you are the good roll. the precious cinnamon bean. too good. too pure.

I feel like Kale is doing a good job vaguing it up without it coming off as vaguing it up.

Every time they are mentioned my desire to know more about Leif’s parents intensifies.

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