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Kale in Lockdown, part 7

Kale in Lockdown, part 7 published on 7 Comments on Kale in Lockdown, part 7

Kale: Crystal, open a new note and take dictation. Title: things I want to do when I can leave my apartment again

Subtitle: a list my therapist is making me write

One: hire a cleaning service

Two: take my dog for a real walk

Three: not get stabbed again

That’s a list, right? Three entries make a list?

Crystal: (DING) 1 new message

Kale: Hrngh . . . Crystal, read message.

Crystal (text-to-speech): “Hey, do you do freelance work at all? / For Sønska translation, I mean / And what kind of rates would you charge for that?”

“Sender: T. Estragon”

Kale: Crystal, open a reply and take dictation: I might? I can figure out a rate based on what the government job pays. . . . or. Well. Assuming that’s a normal rate in the first place.

They told me what my work was worth, and I just went with it — like I always have — never tried to double-check . . .

#D88D07/kromarin: Wait, that wasn’t for dictation / Oh, come on / Look . . . send me the thing you want translated, I’ll figure out a quote for you somehow, okay?


Contract: You acknowledge and agree that a legally binding contract with the owning agent (the “Service Agreement”) is formed when you and that agent agree on the terms of a rental. The terms of the Service Agreement include the terms set forth in this Section 3, the engagement terms proposed and accepted by both the agent and the client to the extent such terms do not conflict with the terms in this Agreement, including this Section 3, or with the applicable laws in the jurisdiction in which the agent operates, or the original terms under which the servant was contracted. Servants do not have authority to enter into written or oral — whether implied or express — contracts on behalf of the agent. The agent assumes no liability or responsibility for any acts or omissions of the servant, except those explicitly defined in the rental agreement. Clients, in their sole discretion, determine whether they will be present or not while a servant performs the contracted actions. Clients who elect not to be present agree that if someone other than them rents the servant on their behalf or is present when the contracted actions are performed, they are explicitly appointing that person as their representative (“Client’s representative”) and the servant may take and follow direction from the Client’s Agent as if such direction was given from the Client themself.

Kale (thinking): Terms of servitude. Leif’s? Aaaaugh.

Kale: Crystal, back to dictation — Thorn! You do not need a translator to make sense of this. You need a lawyer.

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Hmmm I wonder if Leif’s parents’ names are listed here? Since they’re the reason he’s here, and any further “crimes” committed by them might be added to his sentence. I assume at least the crimes he’s paying off in the first place and probably the amount would be in there. If the crimes are specific or unusual enough that still may be a clue.

Probably not. My read is this is the Service Agreement between Thorn and the Sønheim embassy for renting Leif, rather than the Contract between Leif and the Glorious Celestial Republic of Sønheim.

My reasoning is that Thorn can easily get his hands on the agreement between the embassy and him, because the embassy would have to furnish him with a copy for his own records, but Thorn has no legal standing to have access to Leif’s Contract directly.

While Leif COULD probably furnish Thorn with a copy of his Contract, Leif is very much keeping What His Parents Did close to his chest for the moment.

Yeeeeah, legal translation is its own special sub-field.

Considering the additional complications of Leif being rented from the Sønheim embassy, but those rentals mostly occurring in Ceannis, and the fact that Thorn works for the Ceannic government but at the embassy…

I’d kind of think Thorn would need to have a small legal translation team for this, possibly with at least one straight up Ceannic lawyer.

But that’s to really understand this.

It’s possible that a single legal translator would be able to explain to Thorn that it’s really not the document he wants (because that would be Leif’s actual contract).

That said, it’s also possible that it really is the document that Thorn wants to understand right now, because it’s the document that he can get, and therefore it’s the most information that Thorn’s able to actually get right now about Leif’s situation, and what he can do to minimize the risks of him harming Leif by spending time with him.

Yes. And it’s usually necessary even when the contract is supposedly written in your first language.

This is a pet peeve of mine. Contracts are commercial documents. If you require a lawyer in order to read and understand a contract, then it is a badly written contract and you should not sign it.

Getting a lawyer involved to make sure it is not booby-trapped in some non-obvious way is usually a good idea, but the substantive content should not be ambiguous.

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