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Kitten Caboodle, part 2

Kitten Caboodle, part 2 published on 4 Comments on Kitten Caboodle, part 2

Leif stays up late into the night, pondering how he feels about Thorn giving him a pet name.

. . . no pun intended.

Ludolf (imagined): You call this servant “kitten”?

Thorn (imagined): Yes! He’s my favorite pet.

Thorn (imagined): I want to be here for you, kitten.

[tap tap tap]


The next day . . .

Thorn: Leif? I got your text, but I don’t understand. Maybe it had slang? Or typos?

Leif: Um . . . I don’t exactly remember. can I see?

. . .

Oh, this is nonsense, and means I shouldn’t be texting at half-three in the morning.

Thorn: So it’s not just me!

Leif: And what I meant to say was . . . When you’re at work, you’d better just call me by name. As a sign of respect for the Embassy, you know.

Thorn: Understood. What about when I’m off duty, and, ah, renting you?

Leif: Well, at those times . . . I believe the cost would include your right to call me whatever you want.

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