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Kolpovision and Chill: Guest List

Kolpovision and Chill: Guest List published on 26 Comments on Kolpovision and Chill: Guest List

…yeah, that last strip was the April Fool’s Day post, we’re actually starting the party now!

Or at least, entering the stage where the early arrivals start showing up.

Anybody want to guess which characters are going to show up with a plus-one?

Kolpovision And Chill
Fitheach 22
Private * Hosted by Thorn Estragon
Home * Find Friends * Events * Settings * Log Out

Event Details | Guest list/Approved | Map/Directions

Your hosts

Thorn Estragon
Host (he)
* Hopefully you know me, it’s my party
Ceannic: native
Sønska: good

Tansy Lavande
Thorn’s sibling (she)
* Homeowner; be nice to my space
Ceannic: native

Larch Lavande
Thorn’s sibling-in-law (he)
* Also homeowner; don’t let my parents in
Ceannic: native

SECURITY NOTE: Entrances will be locked. Guests can bring a plus-one who isn’t on this list, but ALWAYS confirm with Thorn before letting an unapproved person enter!

Knights on Thorn’s team — can help with any security issues

Pascentia Zikos
Order of the Chalice (she)
* Did the Ceannic team’s choreography one year
Ceannic: native
Sønska: fluent
Tamaputian: fluent

Violet Dupont
Order of the Chalice (she)
* I like when the winners sing in their native language
Ceannic: native
Sønska: good

Juniper Sel
Order of the Chalice (they)
* Will leave if anyone breaks into showtunes
Ceannic: native
Sønska: Student

Quince Malina
Order of the Chalice (he)
* I am also here!
Ceannic: native
Sønska: Student

Other friends — say hello!

Leif of Sønheim
Work friend of Thorn’s (he)
* Never done this before
Sønska: fluent

Kale Romarin
Other friend of Thorn’s (he)
* Please ask before petting my service dog
Ceannic: native
Sønska: fluent

Mata Kaihanga
Friend of Tansy’s (he)
* Tamapoa 4ever!
Tamaputian: native
Ceannic: fluent

Pato Kaihanga
Friend of Tansy’s (he)
* Mute; can still hear you.
Tamaputian: native (listening)
Ceannic: fluent (listening)

Kids — will probably be doing their own thing, but are welcome to stop in, help themselves to the food

Hawthorn Lavande
Thorn’s nibling (he)
* Changeling, be mindful not to overload him
Ceannic: native

Hyacinth Lavande
Thorn’s nibling (she)
* Just stay out of my room ok?
Ceannic: native
Sønska: Student

Vine Fenouil
Friend of Hyacinth’s (he)
* If Getsun doesn’t win they were robbed
Ceannic: native

Friend of Hyacinth’s (she)
* Might need a quiet place to lie down at some point
Ceannic: native

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Yes, the nap helped.

Includes their fluency in various languages. Very nice.

Seeing as Facetbook is Facebook but better, I’m guessing the * lines are set by the person in question as a blurb about themselves for other attendees?

Poor Quince… Sometimes it really is all you can do to say “I am here.”

Yeah, those are “anything about you that other guests should know, enter it here.”

Poor Quince indeed. He’s supposed to have a personality, but you wouldn’t know it at this point, since he’s gotten about 5 lines in the whole comic so far.

It looks as though a relative wrote Hawthorn’s info text. Fair enough.

That’s what I figured too, as Hawthorn is young enough that it wouldn’t be unusual for his account to be a ‘secondary’ one attached to a parent’s to allow for proper oversight instead of being a black pit of the internet of my childhood.

Also, as I remembered just as I was about to hit post: Tansy and Larch asked Hyacinth if she still had her “wallet-name” account limited to friends. Hazel and Hyacinth communicate with accounts on the same facet with names that THEY clearly chose… Which seems backwards to me, seeing as those’re probably their school accounts? Then again, those accounts are ones that you’ll probably abandon as you get older, and the one with your wallet-name will be with you for the rest of your life. *pointedly looks at own first email account which declared unambiguous love of Pokémon by using a character’s name in combination with nation of origin.*

Huh… Leif is listed as being at “fluent” levels of Sønska instead of “native.” Is there a backstory reason for this, or is this an error?

(Sorry, I don’t mean this rudely, I’m genuinely curious!)

Copy-pasting error, whoops. Fixed now.

He’s not a student of Ceannic, though — he’s memorized a handful of useful phrases, that’s all. He can’t keep up a conversation in the language, and that isn’t a goal he’s working towards, either.

What are the icons next to the names?

… is the phrase translated here as “-and chill” just. Not a euphemism in Ceannic? ’cause it kind of weirded me out to see it in the header.

In my experience, It’s not even 100% euphemistic in English. in my social circle, if you invite ONE person over for “Netflix and Chill”, it’s a euphemism. When you invite multiple people over for “X and Chill”, it’s capitulation to the fact that you know half the people you invited are JUST social enough to want to come but when they get there they’ll fracture off from the rest of the group to:
1: Seek and destroy pamper any animals in the house with pettings or just staring at them with fascination.
2: Start up a computer/video game tourney in another room with equipment they brought from home because “Well, you told us to bring anything we’d need for an overnight stay, right?”.
3: have a quiet conversation adjacent to but separate from the one that the people actually playing board games or watching Netflix/Hulu/Disney+/CBS All-Access, while still collectively playing enough attention to act as impartial judge for rules disputes.

In my experience in English, any euphemism is sometimes used for its non-euphemistic meaning. In this particular case, I’ve engaged in Netflix and chill on multiple occasions with a single individual without any sort of euphemism occurring. It was just understood that we were probably not going to actually get through the movie before being distracted by something or other and then hang out for more time than we had spent on Netflix.

Different people are different, but asshats who insist that particular word sequences always have their euphemistic meaning really bug me.

Just want to say for “plus one”:
we have a Christmas party at work where you can bring a “plus one”, which is interpreted as romantic partner. Me and one coworker brought siblings, cause we are single.
We had a pizza party that Marketing said “bring significate or insignificant others” to clarify that you could bring people that were not romantic partners. My sibling called insignificant others “worse than illegal guardian” (the title of my mom’s boyfriend when we were minors).

If that was IT using that line, I’d be annoyed but understand that the term was chosen by someone socially clueless and it was going to go wrong in some fashion and I’d known this already so it’s just par for the course. (I seem to recall we did have an IT gathering a couple decades ago which allowed us to bring one insignificant other if we didn’t have a significant other to bring, and I was one of several who grumbled about it. Basically, th complaining group was everybody who had an “insignificant” other to bring, and me. They didn’t use that again.)

But *marketing*? OMG! If I was part of Marketing, and they made a statement like that, I’m pretty sure I’d put in a formal complaint and seek opportunities elsewhere.

Though, to be fair, a large part of that is that typical marketing strategies really bother me and I’d not like to be a part of that so I think I’d be looking for any excuse.

I’ve never had an illegal guardian, but my ex and I decided that our respective parents must be outlaws now. We still tend to prefer my outlaws to her outlaws.

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