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Kudzu Roots 10/35

Kudzu Roots 10/35 published on 15 Comments on Kudzu Roots 10/35

Kale: . . . but, sorry, I’m going off on a tangent when you probably want me to hurry up and get around to the murders.

Thorn: I don’t have anywhere else to be. Take your time.

Kale: So my family is me and my sister, being raised by two granddads, both retired Northwind sales reps. And in retrospect, I think we all had health problems that weren’t responding well to med crystals.

You already know that I have hallucinations . . . those started young. Doctors could explain them, so at least it wasn’t too scary. But none of the Northwind prescriptions stopped them.

Granddads were getting old and frail and easily confused. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure one of them saw things too.

Sister got to be an addict. They couldn’t keep up. Nobody hurt me or anything . . . but it sure wasn’t great.

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Reading the eyechart…

“Emotion tossed about. I’m like a (ship on the ocean)…”

And appropriately, on the next line: “but I hear the voices say…”

Bit thick of me I know, but hasn’t it been established that Kale has a younger brother?

Also, it just occurred to me that the changing language I use in every comment makes it sound like I’m multiple people. I just got nervous and wanted to clarify–I’m in the middle of a Harry Potter fanfic binge, and my vernacular tends to change based on what I’m reading or watching at the moment.

You mean Calyx? Nephew I think. He showed up in Magical Thorn act 5.

Calyx was referred to with the gender neutral term Nibling when they were introduced.

Could go either way. Ivy refers to Calyx with male pronouns here

While there is possibility of sex change the sister looks considerably older.

I was unclear. The intent of my statement is that while Calyx is certainly Kale’s Sister’s offspring, we don’t know if Kale refers to Calyx as “nibling” because that’s the gender-neutral equivalent of niece and nephew and Calyx has expressed a preference in the main continuity that he hadn’t to Magical Thorn!Ivy, or if Ceannic simply lacks gendered equivalents to Niece and Nephew, leaving only the word ‘nibling’ to describe “child of my sibling”.

so if med crystals specifically don’t work for cognitive decline, hallucinations, and addiction, what it sounds like you’ve got is an entire community cut off from all effective mental health treatment whatsoever

although I think Juniper implied once that you can do antidepressants, etc, with a crystal

Yeah, it’s nothing so cut-and-dry as “med crystals don’t work at all for any condition in this entire category.”

They’re effective enough in general that, when you get a specific person with a specific condition who doesn’t respond much to a crystal, it sounds plausible that “it’s still better than any other treatment you could ask for.”

And there’s always the universal issue of “you won’t get any benefit from the treatment you refuse to take because you’re totally fine and don’t need any help.”

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