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Kudzu Roots 11/35

Kudzu Roots 11/35 published on 16 Comments on Kudzu Roots 11/35

Kale (narrating): I also tested positive as a potential magical boy, but was told not to pursue it. It would be too dangerous. Which, I mean, probably fair?

Except that a few years later, my sister had a baby, and it was okayed to stay at our house? I thought it was a hallucination at first! And I was still the safest person there to take care of it!

This baby has a whole new list of health problems. I miss a bunch of school because nobody else makes the doctor appointments. Med crystals can only heal so much. I hate that I can’t do more to help.

. . . did you know, this a textbook “push someone into a spontaneous first transformation” scenario?

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Back up, what happened to Ceannis having a functional system of social welfare and support for citizens? Where was CPS?

*Bracing for real life stories in 3…2…1…*

Support can only help those who seek(or are allowed to seek or even know the assistance exists) that assistance.

How much you want to bet that Montmere set the bar for ‘lowest amount of federal assistance granted’ in part because Northwind had successfully captured the market even before Kudzu Carvi started working for them?

Also, there’s the possibility that a lot of the rules in place happened because of Montmere’s situation. Someone has to do the thing before a rule to stop it can be made, after all.

I just had a horrifying thought.

Sonheim’s vampires like having debtors. Unexpected pregnancies get people into debt if they’re pressured into keeping the baby to term and giving birth. And we know that Northwind’s company ideas are heavily influenced by their Sonheimic executives. To the point where Northwind basically owned Montmere.

So here’s the thing…

You notice how Kale’s narration never mentions money problems?

He’s not dropping out of school because he has to get a job to make ends meet. He’s not skipping meals to make sure the baby gets fed. He’s not going to the bank and pleading to refinance the mortgage so his family won’t lose the house. He’s not starting a Facetbook fundraiser to cover any of these medical bills.

They’re not going into debt. It isn’t even one of the worries that keeps teen!Kudzu up at night. And neither Kale nor Thorn even mentions it, because they both find it goes without saying that these costs would be covered.

That’s the Ceannic social safety net in action.

So… the safety net covers costs, but not like, a babysitter or someone who could help take care of the kid that would let Kale get to his lessons or help his family cope with their numerous issues?

Or is that a holdover from Northwind saying “Only crystals”?

I would assume that their numerous issues were considered “taken care off” because they got all medical crystals they needed and noone would be willing to admit they are not as effective as claimed.

Also, I would assume that while Kale needed to miss school lot of times it wasn’t SO often that he would be risking failing the school.

The cost of a caregiver would be covered — but, as Khyrin mentioned above, that doesn’t help if the family doesn’t ask for one.

At this point Kale’s relatives aren’t with-it enough to go through the process of requesting it, and it hasn’t occurred to Kale that he would have the authority to do it himself. He’s still a teenager, after all — and not the baby’s official legal guardian, either. He’s just following the doctors’ orders as best he can, and assuming that anything they don’t help with, it’s his job to handle on his own.

By the time he realizes he *could* have requested it…well, you’ll see.

That brings up the interesting point that most of Northwind’s revenue must be coming straight from the public coffers, including in Montmere. Aren’t there treatment guidelines? Prior auths? CMNs?

Northwind is producing real medical treatments, which fulfill all the official guidelines and authorizations.

…or, well, I’m not saying there isn’t any scamming or data-massaging going on with individual products, but it isn’t a top-to-bottom sham. Lots of it works just as advertised. And patients have the right to choose Northwind treatments, even if a non-Northwind alternative is considered “more effective” by fake-sounding sources like “double-blind studies” and “non-company-funded scientists.”

So how common is it to have a spontaneous first transformation like this or Cedar? Vs training up to it in or out of the system. I’d take a guess but I have no idea how many people with aptitude choose to focus on magic or not. I’d assume rather uncommon?

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