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Kudzu Roots 15/35

Kudzu Roots 15/35 published on 8 Comments on Kudzu Roots 15/35

Kale (narrating): When security officers with magical shielding finally showed up at my door . . . I tried to come clean about everything.

By that point, I thought my multi-year record of “not hurting anyone” should count as proof that I wasn’t too dangerous to train.

And since my magic was healing above and beyond what Northwind’s products did — I thought I could help a whole lot more people, too.

Thorn: Oh, I just bet you could’ve. Is that when they hired you? To make sure they could keep you on a short leash?

Kale: Well, uh. I’m pretty sure they tried to have me killed first.

But after that, I got the job offer —

Thorn: Wait, wait! Sorry, can you go back to the killing? Just for a second?

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How?! How did you wind up working for the fuckers trying to KILL YOU!? More to the point, where the hell were the actual cops? Attempted murder is usually considered illegal last I checked, this isn’t the same as not knowing he didn’t have other options medically.

I have a feeling that all the law enforcement there was under the employ of the company and wouldn’t have been much use in this situation.

Law enforcement are employed by state/country. When they take money from someone else it’s called bribe. That said, yeah I totally suspect they were bribed so well they though it’s Northwind who employs them.

Technically, “tried to have me killed” might not mean attempted murder. Like, if they tried to hire someone on him and noone took the job, it’s not attempted murder yet.

Although I expect this was something different … and hopefully next page we will see why he’s “pretty sure” but not sure enough to prosecute.

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