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Kudzu Roots 16/35

Kudzu Roots 16/35 published on 9 Comments on Kudzu Roots 16/35

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(Don’t mind the content warning — this post is worksafe.)

Kale: I don’t know that it was Northwind, okay? But my therapist pointed out what a convenient coincidence it was . . . and now I can’t unsee it.

The night after my powers were discovered, I got mugged. For the first time. Out of nowhere. By a fellow magical girl.

Kudzu (flashback): You don’t want to hurt me . . . you want to go home and rethink your life choices . . .

Kale: I drove them off, healed my own injuries, got a job offer right afterward, and it never happened again.

Thorn: And you didn’t suspect that it might have been Northwind, even after they started ordering you to kill people?

Kale: . . . Let me finish the story and come back to that, okay?

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Anyone gonna put odds that the magical that attacked K woke up with a surprise tracheotomy?

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