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Kudzu Roots 17/35

Kudzu Roots 17/35 published on 11 Comments on Kudzu Roots 17/35

Kale: Where was I . . . okay, so I thought Northwind was going to have me supplement their tech with my medical skills, but instead . . .

Kudzu: What does she have? If I’ve never tried to heal it before —

Doctor: Oh, she has an operation scheduled to help with that!

The problem is, although we have great doctors and top-of-the-line spelltech, she’s still a little scared. Aren’t you, honey? Magical Kudzu, can you make her feel better?

Kudzu: This is going to work just fine, and it’s not scary at all, okay?

Child: Yeah! It’s not!

Kale (narrating): They knew exactly how to convince me to interfere with someone’s mind. Not by self-defensive reflex. On purpose.

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It starts with something small, building trust. Then a little bigger. and a little bigger still. And then you realize you’re walking on the tracks down a tunnel and there’s a train coming.

Then the question is, how long until he realized he was on the tracks?

I Imagine it was just before he murdered a bunch of people. Which makes the next question “Was being ordered to murder a bunch of people what made him realize he was ‘on the tracks’, or was realizing he was ‘on the tracks’ the reason he murdered a bunch of people?”

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