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Kudzu Roots 18/35

Kudzu Roots 18/35 published on 9 Comments on Kudzu Roots 18/35

Kale: Oh, what’s the point — You must think I’m a monster for not quitting right then —

Thorn: . . . No, I don’t.

Magically altering someone’s mental state — that’s not inherently evil. Not with consent. It’s basically what I got a therapy cat for. People try to do the same in non-magical ways, too. With pills, with meditation, with strong tea . . .

And there are special limited circumstances where, even without consent, I could accept it. That’s how mages cure the Whispers. It’s . . . Maybe that’s the only example.

The point is, using your powers does not inherently make you a monster.

. . . but it sounds like we’re about to get to the actions that might.

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Kale: I don’t want you to hate me
Thorn: No you don’t, the audience wants this god damn backstory

Kudzu is so far is, if not a precious cinnamon roll, a fairly good croissant. so far his control has been:
“Swallow the lie I’m telling because my nibling is ill and I can make them better.”
“Don’t kill people. More specifically, don’t kill me.”
“Don’t be anxious about your upcoming surgery.”

The shadiest is the first one and, to me, seems like the one that would require the lightest touch.

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