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Kudzu Roots 19/35

Kudzu Roots 19/35 published on 20 Comments on Kudzu Roots 19/35

Kale (narrating): My job started with easy, reasonable tasks. Northwind told me — and apparently this part was true — that patients respond better to treatment when they feel calm and optimistic.

I could make that happen. In some of the darkest times in people’s lives, I was a ray of sunshine.

They started nicknaming me the Sun Mage.

From there, they had me branch out, little by little. Explained every new step in a way that made sense.

All while giving me everything I ever needed — for years I’d been terrified of getting caught doing magic, now I was being loved for it — We’d been barely scraping by on basic income and standard healthcare, and now I could pay for just about anything —

I couldn’t save my sister, in the end — she overdosed before I could get to her. But at least I could take care of . . . Calyx. Their name was Calyx.

Kudzu (flashback): Don’t be scared of the treatment!

Keep up that energy through your whole 20-hour shift!

Northwind Prismaceuticals will be better than any of these other options you’re looking at!

After that amazing presentation, how can you not invest in us?

You can help by voting to give us that tax exemption!

We’re not going to diversify from med crystals, so just forget about comparative research on other treatments, okay?

Calyx: Can I really get the bunny, Uncle Kudzu?

Kudzu: Yes! It’s what your mom would’ve wanted.

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…Okay I’d normally be ready to launch off after reading something like this, but I just noticed the rabbit has wings and feathers.

I completely missed the wings.

and there’s D10’s Husband’s ‘in’ with Kudzu. Taking care of the nibling’s rabbit.

I think I missed something… Have you developed a theory about the Kolpovision party or something? Why does D10’s husband need an “in” with Kale?

Flyboy, can you recomend a good Dropkick Murphys (or similar) song for the revelation that the employees shifts’ can make up as much as three-quarters of their day?

Their name “was” Calyx.

Oh. I see.

Sure isn’t looking great, nope.

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