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Kudzu Roots 22/35

Kudzu Roots 22/35 published on 12 Comments on Kudzu Roots 22/35

Kale (narrating): Every time this bunny so much as sniffled, Calyx wanted to take it straight to the hospital. As far as they knew, that was how sickness worked.

Well, this vet always made time for us. He would even do home visits, any time Cal was too sick to go downtown. And then he’d talk to me. Ask about what I’d been up to, how I was feeling . . . Friend stuff.

If it had all been an act, I would’ve picked up on it! I had enough power to do that without even trying. But he genuinely cared.

. . . I also picked up that he was married, in love, and monogamous. Which was lucky for Northwind, because if he’d seduced me, he probably could’ve had me bring them down within the week.

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Well, at least we have a more firm picture of what probably led to his snapping.

I’m thinking split loyalties, possibly with a Northwind Executive resting a hand on the shoulder of recently caught ‘corporate spy’ Hermosa, reminding Kudzu of how much Northwind’s done for little Calyx… and then Kudzu remembers just how little Northwind was really doing and kills the Executive before he can order the goons to execute Order 12.

From there it turns into one of those plans where you end up mind controlling everyone to prevent them noticing you’ve mind controlled everyone and Kudzu stews in his little box about all the people who could have lived if he’d just told Hermosa everything he killed because he didn’t blow the whistle.

My theory is Calyx died, and Kudzu has now lost everything he was working for in the first place. Goes mad with grief and has his unfocused despair pointed at certain undesirable parties by Northwind. Or maybe thats what caused the big explosion at the headquarters.

Lmao that “GORGEOUS and PERFECT husband” looks like wtnv fanon Carlos XD

Honestly, that switch still flicks in my brain any time I’m reading a comic and a character shows up in the mold of “guy with dark skin, thick dark hair, kind of a scruffy beard, optional glasses.”

(On the plus side, that fanon never went in the direction of “veterinary surgeon with pink hair”…)

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