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Kudzu Roots 24/35

Kudzu Roots 24/35 published on 29 Comments on Kudzu Roots 24/35

Kale (narrating): And then, Northwind blows it.

They’ve arrested someone. A drug smuggler and a corporate spy. They want me to . . . neutralize him.

Did they get overconfident about how much sway they had over me? Or did they not know he was one of the only people left I cared about?

I could compel him to tell the truth, but it’s faster to just do some high-speed rifling through his mind. The Northwind higher-ups all have personal mental shields by now. I look through all of them, too.

I get the full truth of a lot of things.

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You dumb motherfuckers.

Hello Victims number one through however many Northwind higher-ups are in the room.

Something else though. They said he was a drug smuggler. Now, Kudzu’s sister was an OD victim. Even if the vet came in after that happened, he’s also associated with the Monster Hunters.

Is this a Golden Triangle I see before us, Khyrin?

I doubt it. Remember, Montmere was sort of a prescription medication wasteland. Even if the meds could be obtained legally, you’d buy them black-market so as to not be shamed for it… and that’s assuming Hermosa was actually drug-running.

I’m guessing dear Hermosa’s damage is because he’s non-fatal victim number one from Kudzu turning himself on full-blast, not just subtly pushing minds, but outright editing them to burn out the corruption to which dear, sweet Hermosa has awoken him, and dear, sweet, precious Hermosa himself will be very happy with Kudzu, living together and comforting him after the death of his nibling.

Quote from Dex himself, “He was one of the last people Kudzu tampered with, before going full-on murder-spree. So he wasn’t affected for as long as you were. But as far as we can tell, he was present at Ground Zero when Kudzu lost it.”

Not quite what I meant. The Golden Triangle is still considered to be one of the most likely sources of CIA off-the-books funding via the drug trade. If the SOoMH are the “No Such Agency” of Ceannis, they need to get funding from somewhere.

Still… SOoMH dealing drugs in their own country and having an intelligence agent doing double-duty feels a bit reaching-for-shady-Ceannic-activity to me.

(Deep breath)
So did Northwind just not do research on his personal life or did they believe that he was Theirs, forever and always?

My guess is the latter. I feel like they must have known all about his personal life since they used that information to manipulate him and ensure his loyalty, but by this point they’d had him working for them on this kind of a high level for long enough they’d gotten complacent and overconfident about his cooperation.

That said, I also suspect they didn’t realize how strong Kale’s feelings about Hermosa were.

Wait. Northwind higher-ups having mental shields sounds like it’s specifically because of Kudzu’s abilities. Yet he can get into their minds anyway, just like that? I guess he’s more powerful than they thought, but it seems like there’s a bit of exposition missing here.

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened.
Northwind swore by their tech, and Kudzu ripped through their shields like it was so much warm butter and soggy tissue paper.

I’m trying to learn this word from context, so please tell me if the following is correct usage: Major feels.
Shadowunit fandom had a different term but it doesn’t come to mind…. Hopefully that means I’m in recovery from the trauma 😉

Looking through previous Kudzu appearances, it looks like he’s in for one final upgrade and costume change. Given that we’ve at least once seen a costume upgrade due to a Dramatically Appropriate Moment (Magical Thorn: Act 3, Pages 4-5; note the cape), and the next page is a Sunday, I predict Splash Panel Glory.

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