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Kudzu Roots 27/35

Kudzu Roots 27/35 published on 11 Comments on Kudzu Roots 27/35

Kale (narrating): This is when I decided I was going to make everything okay again — in the only way I knew how.

Nobody would notice the pile of bodies on the floor. Other Northwind employees would fill the leadership vacuum, and end their horrifying policies. Without thinking about why.

All of this was a huge change with wide-ranging effects, so nobody could be allowed to notice those either . . . Oh, and I didn’t want anyone remembering any reason to look into me too closely . . .

Someone told me later that I touched almost every mind within the Montmere city limits.

And this time, I had enough power to not let them go.

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Something is very wrong about this. Romarin said he got all murdery, but four dead? Not exactly something to be bragging about if you took care of him. What if he tried to turn Montmere into his own private puppet show?

I think that’s what happened. He’s pushing his influence as far as it will go. No one can notice that anything is changed. Everything is fine.

I suspect at least some of Kudzu’s casualties and ‘murders’ are really at the feet of whoever turned off his Light without proper shutdown procedures and the Ceannic government didn’t bother to run it down, if you follow my meaning. Psychic backlash from Kudzu being forcibly removed from actively manipulating minds. Ongoing healthcare effects from Kudzu being shut down leading to sudden cardiopulmonary distress. getting super-dark… Maybe a few people are literal undead, only moving and talking because Kudzu is keeping the meat fresh.

Also, panel reuse! 😀 Background of panel 2 here is also background of panel 4 in Expert, Witness 20/25. Glad I decided to go through Dr. Glazier’s tag.

I really like the panel reuse in this arc; it’s a good way to tie things together.

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