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Kudzu Roots 28/35

Kudzu Roots 28/35 published on 14 Comments on Kudzu Roots 28/35

That crowd of mages includes Laurel Cerise (in green).

Which adds a whole new dimension to the last time Kale interacted with Laurel.

(She had no idea who he was, while he had no idea that she’s faceblind…)

Kale (narrating): The government sure noticed that. But at first, they still didn’t understand the scale I was operating on. A few small teams came in to get me. I never even let them get close.

Finally they realized it would take an all-star magical team-up.

Acai herself came out of her . . . pseudo-retirement . . . to join in. Her time-manipulation is the reason they even had a shot at getting to me.

When my powers shut off, I finally noticed that they’d burned the eyes right out of my head.

Same for the people that I’d controlled the hardest. Which mostly meant the ones who resisted the hardest.

. . . and with my influence yanked away, a lot of the sickest or frailest people flat-out died from the shock.

Or maybe it was because they used Northwind med-tech that never worked as well as advertised, and it was my magic that had really been keeping them alive.

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*Wires up Khyrin* Okay, try and tap into her mind now buddy. What is she planning with Katya?

It’s not that big a leap… We’ve known that Kale places the fault on himself, but claims that he no longer possesses whatever it was that made him kill people. He started with the best of intentions, and seems really sweet… Being forced to choose between a stymied romantic interest and the people you’ve trusted your whole life was big. making that choice while still mourning a family member is bigger. Having your entire worldview ripped out from under you while the above happens? I hope no one has that happen to them multiple times in a life.

I’ll try, though!

Khyrin places two fingers to each temple, and speaks in a pseudo-mystical voice. “It’s all rather hazy… Lief has been transferred back to the Hammer Falls area. His placement is legitimized as he’s working at a resort that boasts being an oasis of Southern Magic, as the old Ceannic Embassy from before the annexation of of Skagendal, his chip already works in those conditions, and he has a working knowledge of Ceanska due to his placement at the embassy and relationship with Thorn. Thorn recognises this for what it is. Leif’s a hostage to keep him from getting uppity.”

“I see Katya using tools Elisa shipped in covertly to finish off her sabotage of the compulsion chip editor, then, on a trip out under the auspices of being rented by Thorn, Elisa, who is on vacation to central with her dads, triggers a series of events resulting in Katya’s incarceration on the Ceannic side of the wall. This gives Ceannis the excuse it needs to actually examine a Sønska compulsion chip in situ, and the results show that Sønheim is in violation of one of the subsections of the treaty.”

I’d just like to point out the potential play on words in all-star meaning high level and all Star meaning element designation. Her hee

My reinterpretation of the internal monologues of Laurel and Kale at the theater:

Kale: ???? that’s MAGICAL LAUREL CERISE just…… helping me out like it’s no big thing??? what??? after she was part of the team who took me down??? what??? did she forgive me or does she just have that good a poker face or is this a test or or aaaaaaaaaaaa
Laurel: Just doing my job as first responder, this theater-going person sure looks terrified and in no position to be able to climb a ladder, I’ll fly them and their therapy dog down

So he directly killed the four executives, and ten or so more indirectly. Am I about right there?

Sounds to me more like he killed the four execs outright. There could’ve been more execs that he felt he needed to end, but if so, he didn’t mention them. It feels more likely to me that only one exec actually visited him, but he found the other three as if they were right there when he found a need after rooting through the first, and felt like he ended them all right there, rather than at range, because of how he was feeling.

Beyond that, there were a bunch of people on Kudzu life support who didn’t make it when that plug was pulled. It’s probable that was because his power was just making them continue to function despite their issues, rather than fixing their issues.

…. sooo, what happened to those small teams? They got lost on their way to the city? On straight road with no crossroads?

I think the implication is they either joined the cast of Kudzu’s production of Nothing’s Wrong in Montmere for one night only, turned around, and headed right back to Central, or, my prefered theory given the evidence, a cadre of Magicals who are just pleased as punch to be living in Sun Mage Kudzu’s Perfect vision of Montmere drove them away.

Or, to put it in a less flowery, Kudzu Pleasantville‘d the Magicals living in the shadows of Montmere and turned them into the town militia, See Thorn Explains: Magical Costumes, Continued.

The “I never even let them get close” would really suggest my option, but good point, it WAS mentioned that he affected some magicals …

… still, battle between magicals would likely mean more dead, which sounds like wastage AND not exactly matching Kudzu’s other actions.

Maybe the “close” means “without controlling them”. Maybe it was those small teams who were turned into town militia.

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