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Kudzu Roots 30/35

Kudzu Roots 30/35 published on 22 Comments on Kudzu Roots 30/35

Patreon has a bonus strip for this arc, falling between yesterday and today. Plus a bunch of early Kudzu sketches and notes. (As usual, don’t mind the automated content warning.)

Thorn (voiceover): . . . don’t take this too hard, but I still don’t get why you’re out. Why not rehabilitate you from protective custody? How is this massive secret new-identity op worth the risk?

Was it part of a back-door plea deal, or . . .

Kale (voiceover): Oh, sure, like I was in any kind of shape to be making deals.

When I was in lockup, I didn’t want to get out. Didn’t really want or feel anything, at that point. Maybe a vague, distant confusion that they hadn’t just killed me in battle.

Anyway, turns out both of our questions have the same answer — “Acai said so.” She made the justices give me the chance. Right after she made me want to take it.

The dog soulbond helped. Obviously at first I didn’t want that either, but . . .

There were puppies. I wanted — If I accepted the bond, they would let me keep the puppy.

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Okay, “made” as in, “Made a very convincing and at times political argument as to why K should be allowed in society”, or “made” meaning, “Fuck you, shut up and color.”

I deeply do not think a mage would, in the interest of rehabilitating and healing Kale after the whole debacle, subject him to the same kind of mental manipulation he inflicted on the victims of Northwind. That would be deeply damaging and counterproductive. And after what he personally went through as a victim of Northwind himself, I don’t think they’d risk the sneakier, nonmagical kind of mental mankpulmanip either. It would probably just break him irreparably if they tried.

Not K, the justices. I’m willing to temper my previous opinions, dude was fucked over before he was even born. Thing is, Thorn’s asking the question I’ve been for a while: Why is he among the public? Depending on how Acai applied that pressure, it doesn’t say good things about Ceannis’ government.

Given what we know, I suspect that Acai Did nothing more direct than just just saying “Give ‘im a chance” and poking the justices with the metaphorical ‘Inscrutable Prophecy Sez’ stick.

It still doesn’t necessarily say good things about the government that the apparent head of the Secret Order of Monster Hunters has and uses such direct influence on the judicial branch….

It definitely doesn’t. Sure, the prophecies are too important sources of information to be ignored, but it’s still unfortunate they don’t have someone else to cross-check them, giving the single person with biggest magical talent in that area too much power.

In a way, Sønheim is run by vampires, Ceannis is run by fire mages.

I think it might have something to do with the fire mage’s prophecies, tbh.

Whoa, is that a Dragalia avatar? i did not expect that when i came for my daily dose of Leif and Thorn today.

also yes i agree, probably the prophecies or something Acai already knows about the future as time mage because time mage.

So I’m guessing Soulbonding is usually done with young animals because of the lifespan discrepancy, but are there other reasons? It works better? Cute animals are extra effective in cases like this?

My extensive experience with fictional magically-bonded animal companions would indicate that it’s done young in order to have the bonding occur in a controlled and selective manner, as the magically-bonding animals will inevitably bond with someone, eventually, if left un-bonded, so that would be my best guess here as well.

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