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Kudzu Roots 31/35

Kudzu Roots 31/35 published on 14 Comments on Kudzu Roots 31/35


Thorn: Okay . . . Okay.

It sounds like the people you killed on purpose were in self-defense — and not anybody I’d shed tears over.

I can believe the innocent bystanders were an accident. Which doesn’t do them any good. But it does mean people are safe now, with your powers blocked.

Maybe these days you’d have control with them unblocked, too, but I’m glad I don’t have to risk it. I’m also glad the mind-control is off the board. This way I don’t feel obligated to second-guess everything I think about you.

And with the plant-monster incident at Leachtric . . . I’m glad I didn’t cut the bracelets and let you help.

Not because I’m sure you would’ve done something terrible, but because, even if you handled it perfectly, I’m sure a lot of people would feel crushingly unsafe just to know you’re out here. I’m glad I didn’t have any part in causing that.

All that said . . . ? I am glad they didn’t just kill you.

And if you get clocked at the party, I can cover for you with a clear conscience. Worst comes to worst, half of the guests are people I can pull rank on.

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Today’s been draining, so I’m just gonna go with “Yes! Party time! Happy Kale! New combinations of character interactions!”

I’ll handle the “What’s the WiB thinking as she observes all this? What was the crux of Acai’s arguments/orders to do this? How does it all tie in with the burning embassy vision?” then.

Are we sure the vision was about the embassy burning? I always thought it looked that way due to the fire spirits being used for the prophecy.

Yeah, if it’s panel 4 of Homecoming 1/24 Flyboy’s talking about, that just looks like an artistic rendition of “seeing the embassy in the prophecy fires” with a fiery-colored sky that might be a sunset or might be just flame-colored because seeing it in the prophecy fire.

Having attempted, and just given up on for mental health reasons, a reread of Homestuck, I’m intrigued that you’ve used the same artistic convention for Kale’s eyes as Andrew Hussie does for Terezi.

I don’t even remember, what’s the deal with Terezi’s eyes? (Other than being behind sunglasses.) In Kale’s case, the excuse for the “eerie solid-color eyeballs” trope is that they’ve been replaced with eerie solid-color rocks.

CW for eye injury, mind control, and cycles of violence

ok, so Terezi and Vriska had a rivalry that got out of control (thanks in part to Doc Scratch, long story), which basically ended with Vriska using her mind control powers to (indirectly, another long story) make Terezi (a nocturnal troll) wake up at noon and stare into the sun, blinding her. Past that point, when we see her eyes, they’re the same red you’ve used for Kale’s.

Kale’s eyes are actually much more orange – not just because they have orange facets in them, but the base color is an orange-red, while Terezi’s eyes and glasses are pure red in the RGB.

If anything, his eye prosthetics are more like the color of troll horns, lmao.

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