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Kudzu Roots 32/35

Kudzu Roots 32/35 published on 11 Comments on Kudzu Roots 32/35

Thorn: By the way, I do appreciate that all of this is a leap of faith for you, too.

Kale: . . . wait, it is? How?

Thorn: Uh . . . listen, I don’t want to make you paranoid. I just thought — The last time someone took an interest in you, and being your friend, out of nowhere —

— it went down pretty badly for everybody.

Kale: Well, you always seemed to be — Wait!

Your team got transferred to Central soon after I was placed here, right? And the government just happened to assign us to the same building, and the same therapy practice? Maybe someone’s setting us both up! For . . . I don’t know what!

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Hoping they’re being set up to be a OT3! Acai Matchmaker!

Actually not really, Kale needs so much work until he’s ready for any sort of romantic relationship. He’s never even had a proper friend before, so him making friends and socialising is more vital. He has Niamh for the unconditional love.

*Looks around confused* Okay I’m approving of K right now, I’m not sure how to feel about that.

You’ve altered your viewpoint based on new information. You should feel good about being open to change!

I will laugh all the way to the gym if tomorrow’s page indicates Kale revealing his backstory to Thorn means a facet of the Prophecy has been fulfilled.

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