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Kudzu Roots 33/35

Kudzu Roots 33/35 published on 6 Comments on Kudzu Roots 33/35

All right, who’s gonna be the first reader to dig up all the early strips that get referenced here?

Thorn: Okay, our lives have been weird enough that I can’t just laugh that off, but . . . We both have soulbonded support animals. Realistically, there’s only so many therapy practices that deal with those.

And we spent a year at that apartment not even noticing each other . . .

The only time I saw you in a waiting room, you blew me off . . .

I don’t go there regularly, only for PTSD flare-ups, so I haven’t been back since. If we hadn’t run into each other when I took Leif to Summerfest, odds are good I wouldn’t even remember your name by now.

If I’m being groomed as a secret spy on anyone, it would be Leif. He’s sure being leveraged to spy on me.

Kale: The things we put up with for love.

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Erin, you say “dig up” like your archiving system and character tags don’t make it incredibly easy. Love them so much.
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