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Kudzu Roots 35/35

Kudzu Roots 35/35 published on 12 Comments on Kudzu Roots 35/35

Dun dun dunnn…!

[hff hff hff]

Thorn: Do you want to — Okay, this is going to sound extremely contrived in light of our entire conversation just now, sorry in advance —

And I have to go now, so you’d get the full details on the way, and can always decide to bow out if they’re too much —

I should double-check with Larch, too, but I don’t think he’ll say no —

Kale: Thorn!! Just tell me what the thing is!

Thorn: My eleven-year-old nibling needs to be picked up and taken safely home, and I could use backup. Want to help?

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Wonder why he needs Kale’s help for this. Has Hawthorn got in trouble with someone from Sonaska (hope I spelled that right) and he needs Kale’s translation skills perhaps?

Everyone thinks this is something horrible, and I just think Thorn wanted a little help and realized how good this could be for Kale.

Hmm. This could be good for both Kale and Hawthorn. If they meet before the party, they both have someone to talk to that’s not Thorn, and won’t feel awkward intruding on his conversations if he’s busy with someone else. Given Hawthorn’s autism, he may not be super into Kopolovision, and Kale- anxious bean that he is- would probably love to not have to get super into the festivities.

Plus, Kale was an attentive uncle to his Nibling’s needs, and Hawthorn could probably use a friend who would pay attention to that stuff. And Kale gets a… Replacement Goldfish is the trope name, but it doesn’t feel right to use… a person who can help him work through the nibling related trauma he has, but had no way of doing so before because of Bad Things.

I mean, I dunno if it’ll go that way- but that’s probably what Thorn is thinking, anyway.

I definitely see the plausibility of at least one cute moment of “Kale and Hawthorn off in a corner, Hawthorn infodumping happily about his current favorite thing while Kale listens attentively and asks genuinely interested questions”. All kids are helped by grownups at least acting like they care about the kid’s interests, and the more intense the interests the more important I think that care can be.

Growing up autistic myself, I would have loved this more than what we did do, which was just leaving me in a corner with a book/portable games console. I did enjoy it, but I have found that being allowed to talk about my interests/hobbies to be more fulfilling when the opportunity arises.

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