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Kudzu Roots 5/35

Kudzu Roots 5/35 published on 11 Comments on Kudzu Roots 5/35

Therapist: Just to clarify — was there any taboo around “planning” or “writing out thoughts” under Northwind?

Kale: It’s not that. . . . there were lots of specific ideas that would’ve been taboo to put in writing, though.

Therapist: Well, this is a first draft. Nobody’s going to see it. We’ll workshop it from there, until we get a version you’re ready to share.

Thorn: Is that a letter for me?

Kale: Kind of. Can I read it out loud? I might want to make some last-minute edits on the fly.

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*hums the last few bars of the chorus of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Sixteen Tons*

for those unaware, the lyrics here are
“Saint Peter, don’t you call me, ‘cause I can’t go;
I owe my soul to the company store.”

It’s a depressing mining work song, about depressing mining work, and extremely timely here.

Just to be clear, this isn’t absolving Kudzu of what he did right? From the sounds of things he was more coal police or a Pinkerton.

I’m sorry? Did you forget the part where KALE is on probation, and was freaking brainwashed? Or that he’s currently working to atone for what he did? I know that you’re a vicious vengeful asshole, but this comment is out of line even for you.

Oh, and to actually answer your question: No, absolution for Kale, if it happens at all, will likely be far in the future.

Funny thing is, in my job, I’m the reasonable one.

What I know is this: He’s in protective custody, and he’s being closely monitored by the government. His identity is also being concealed by said government even though he was apparently responsible for multiple murders, mass or serial. Hell, D10 didn’t even know where he is and she’s working right next to one of the people that does. That implies that Ceannis has a need for him that doesn’t give a damn whether he wants to reform or not. From everyone’s reaction related to him, he wasn’t just breaking kneecaps and maybe went overboard once or twice. He was straight-up murdering motherfuckers. If he wasn’t murdering anyone and those were just a cover-up, then why the cover-up? This storyline might clear some shit up, but until then I’m going based on what I’ve seen.

D10 isn’t working next to anybody who knows where Kale is! Unless you count the Woman in Black, who knows a fair amount of detail, but nobody would remember even if she told them.

Sidenote, it’s entertaining to see that commenters keep switching between which wrong pronouns they use for D10. Clearly they give off a powerful vibe of having All The Gender.

Flyboy’s mostly just a pessimist, who tries to interpret everything through a multi-vector worst-case-scenario threat assessment.

…It’s inspired me with ways to explicitly include things like “here are the precautions Thorn’s taking, here’s the careful evaluation he’s putting in, here are things he’s not worried about and the concrete reasons why not,” so it does have an upside! (I would rather give people specific reasons to appreciate the characters than count on you to assume “eh, he’s the protagonist and we like him, so he’s probably doing due diligence off-panel.”)

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