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Kudzu Roots 6/35

Kudzu Roots 6/35 published on 4 Comments on Kudzu Roots 6/35

…and on that note, there’s a new exclusive Kudzu wallpaper on Patreon:

Kale: Maybe you should go first — I asked what you’ve already heard about Northwind Prismaceuticals. Did you write anything down?

Thorn: No — it’s pretty short, I can just say it.

Northwind produced all kinds of medical spelltech. They basically got dismantled after it came out they’d been manipulating the industry. There were all kinds of bribes, threats, coercion, fraud . . .

. . . and mental manipulation from their magical “fixer.” Kudzu. The company got caught after he killed a lot of people. Too many to cover up.

The government has prosecuted a bunch of the people responsible . . . the ones still alive to stand trial, anyway. A lot of them are already in jail.

But not Kudzu. Based on evidence I don’t have, they decided to suppress his powers and quietly work on rehabilitating him, instead.

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“Based on evidence I don’t have that is sitting right in front of me and I shouldn’t say out loud in a public place”

The bracelets are evidence that the government is rehabilitating Kudzu. Thorn doesn’t have whatever evidence the government used to decide Kudzu was worth rehabilitating.

re the Kolpovision poll: given the differences between our gender norms and Ceannis’, I’d love to see the “gender-nonconforming opera solo” nonconforming to the genders of a different culture, and the Ceannic viewers don’t get what’s supposed to be weird about it

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