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Kudzu Roots 7/35

Kudzu Roots 7/35 published on 17 Comments on Kudzu Roots 7/35

Kale: . . . okay, I was hoping you’d have some horrible misapprehension that I could feel good about clearing up, but all of that was pretty accurate.

Thorn: Sorry and/or thanks. You still have a lot of details to fill in, right?

Kale: Yeah — you didn’t even mention Montmere.

Thorn: Is that the city with the famous cheese festival?

Kale: It’s the city where Northwind used to have its headquarters.

Thorn: Ah! That makes more sense.

Kale: The thing about Montmere is — everyone there was connected to Northwind. If not you, then someone in your family was a miner. Or a doctor using their products. Or a sales rep. Or an accounts manager.

A lot of the executives were Sønheic, and it’s right across the Barrier Mountains, so it’s also a really bicultural town.

. . . and this is where I grew up. That’s why I speak Sønheic. And how I’m familiar with other things that . . . uh . . . aren’t as well-known, this far south.

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A fucking company town. Well this probably explains why he was convinced to kill for the bastards.

a MEDICAL company town. and we know that Kudzu/Kale had (and hopefully has, but might not) a nibling who is ill with a chronic disease.

Also a town with miners. I already had strong Molly Maguire vibes from the cave-in arc, now they’re full blast.

how much you want to bet the Company Store doesn’t stock non-Northwind medical solutions?

not just no competing brands. No adhesive bandages, no mundane splints or braces, no ibuprofen or aspirin, no herbs. Just inject/place your trusted Northwind Prismaceuticals Crystal of appropriate flavor into/near it.

Oh. Oh fuck. Magical Girl Healing Spells would only be permitted if they were Northwind Approved, wouldn’t they?

There’s two ways to brainwash someone without magic.
1: The impeachable authority figure. Someone the subject trusts enough that if the subject is told to jump in front of the train, the subject will only hesitate when they realize that they’ve been told to jump in front of a train.
2: Have the subject build their lives around your control. Make them think there are no alternatives.

*Images of Ickle!Kudzu in a Northwind Prismaceuticals (Re)Education camp dance in Khyrin’s head.*

What? Why would it matter that it was jumping in front of a train? If they’re asking me to do it, obviously, they’ve arranged for the train to be stopped right at that point, so that my standing there is just the excuse for the people who stopped the train. I’m sure I’ll be fine.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never met somebody who was quite that messed up when I met them. But I did meet somebody who had previously been that messed up, quite literally. They were only alive because somebody physically wrestled them to the ground in time for the train to go roaring through. Seeing that the train had *not* stopped, and was in fact going as close to its full speed was the first thing that made them think that maybe the person who’d brainwashed them wasn’t completely on the up and up.

….Montmere is a ghost town now, isn’t it?

I’m going to hazard a guess no, since Thorn uses present tense when saying it has a cheese festival. Still possible that it is, but I’d think that he’d either use past tense or say that it’s a ghost town.

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