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Kudzu Roots 8/35

Kudzu Roots 8/35 published on 20 Comments on Kudzu Roots 8/35

Good news for all you calendar fans out there: I updated the timeline on the Leif & Thorn wiki with actual years! Did a lot of reading about real-world epochs, finally settled on how both Ceannis and Sønheim would determine their “year 0.”

And just in time for all this new pre-canon backstory to be unveiled, too…

Kale: This is where I should get out my notes, to make sure I don’t leave out anything. — um, to be clear, none of this is supposed to be an excuse! But my therapist swears that it’s “relevant context.”

A thing we didn’t have much of in Montmere was “any medical products not made by Northwind.” I don’t just mean other prismaceutical brands . . . I mean, people would laugh at you for using any treatment that wasn’t a med crystal.

Herbs, pills, liquids, vaccines, healing from medical mages . . . People said, with total confidence, that it was all worthless. The rest of Ceannis was just being scammed.

And, well — my sister got really sick from using pills. So, based on that vast and diverse sample group, it all seemed to add up.

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Dingdingding, Khyrin gets a cookie from yesterday’s comment!

I did not call “Vaccines” as being one of the “scams” though.

I really like that second panel. Medical crystal really stands out. Also lol @ the sarcasm at the end.

I am SO excited for the timeline update. Also regretting putting off adding the last couple of chapters for a couple more days. Nearly entirely excited tho! Yay for dates! And calendar systems! The new infobox navigation table looks good too.

Although it looks like Imri was turned 200 years after he met Stanczia?

That sounds about right? I remember that he was significantly younger than her, which I think makes him more impulsive or more aggressive, or more something that makes him seem like he should be the one in charge. I remember thinking that she let him do it because he cared a lot and she didn’t care as hard, but that was just my personal impression on it.

Except his age is listed in the description. He met Stanczia at age 14 in SE 954 (RE 2594), and was turned at age 32 in SE 1152 (RE 2792). as it stands, he aged 18 years in 198 years.

Going by the age, he either should have been turned in SE 972 (RE 2612), or he met Stanczia for the first time in SE 1134 (RE 2774).

Thanks for catching that! And yeah, the dates you changed it to are right (the title “900’s kids” wasn’t that literal).

I will always appreciate if you add more things anyway!

Just tweaked the overall layout so it’s fluid instead of fixed. One other update I’m considering…would the sections with pre-canon dates look better as a table of their own (dates in the left column, events on the right), or should they stay as a vertical list?

I like the fluid layout change!
Personally, considering Doku doesn’t let you alter the style of tables I think it’d end up standing out way too much compared to the canon>onwards dates. My ideal would be to make an invisible table to have the nice rows and columns without the formatting. But idk, it does make it easier to read and maybe it being distinct is something people would prefer.

DokuWiki does allow for custom styling — it just takes a little finagling! You can wrap a specific table in a custom div, and then attach your style alterations to that div in the CSS file.

…which is to say, I’ve now set it up so you can get an invisible table by doing this (replacing the parentheses with angle brackets):

(WRAP invisible)
table content goes here

Give it a look, see what you think!

(Although the tables would make it awkward to add images…and adding a few to the non-tabled sections might help the readability by breaking things up visually…let me know if you have thoughts on which one looks better.)

…..Pills as in medicine or pills as in she had a chemical dependency issue?

Just remembered that the two aren’t mutually exclusive. I meant did she get sick from taking medicine as prescribed (or over the counter stuff as suggested) or something else?

I’m going to guess that she got sick from pills she was taking for a condition that wasn’t responding to Med Crystals, and the pills were ‘black market’, to maximize ickle!Kudzu’s faith in Northwind Prismaceutical Brand Med Crystals.

I just came here to the comments to express how much I love Kale.
Seriously, since his first appearance, he’s been my favourite character. If anything bad happens to him, I will riot.
I used to only be reading BIaCP and put off getting into this comic for so long. Now, Kale’s probably my favourite character from any ongoing webcomic I’m reading (there are a lot)

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