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Kudzu Roots 9/35

Kudzu Roots 9/35 published on 17 Comments on Kudzu Roots 9/35

Different perspectives:

Thorn: “I’m surprised these ideas were fueled by a company, instead of just being random silliness”

Kale: “Yeah, it is surprising that these ideas were fueled by a company, instead of being true”

Thorn: Now that you mention it, I’ve heard about some of those . . . conspiracy theories. But I never realized a prismaceutical company could be creating them.

Kale: Me neither! It was so simple and logical — how could it not just be true?

The system you have out here is wild. You can’t judge anything by category, you have to evaluate every separate treatment on its own! I don’t know how you keep track!

Now I have these spelltech prosthetic eyes, because apparently Northwind wasn’t lying about those being the best treatment for something, but I also have a therapy dog and I just got a flu shot and I’m drinking ginger tea??

Niamh here is the best thing that ever happened to me, and it still blows my mind that she even works.

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For references: The Great American Streetcar Conspiracy, the Super Bowl, DeBeers Diamonds, and yes, actual pharma corporations.

The super bowl? I’m not american, there’s more to that than it being a big sports event?

Since the Super Bowl carries with it incredible advertising and monetary power, over the years many times there have been accusations of the NFL rigging the game and even the entire football season to create a Super Bowl they want. Example: After Hurricane Katrina, many believe that the NFL gave the ’09 bowl to the New Orleans Saints to reinvigorate the fanbase in a flagging city.

Just to note: the musical performance that’s so sexy it makes everyone blush until they bruise is, in fact, too dangerous from a health perspective to show. I mean, some people have heart attacks before their blush turns into a bruise, and others will have strokes first (or, in other terms, their blush first turns to a bruise inside their brains rather than on their skin). Most performers prefer to not kill off their fan base.

Just saying, so you know.

Of course, the real issue is that “making everyone blush until they bruise” is quite impossible, as there are people who don’t start blushing until other people already lost all blood and don’t have any left to blush.

So, I would assume it’s meant figuratively.

technical issues : theme “Northern lights” seems to be default but not working on my phone. Others themes works.

How is it broken? (I’ll need to know whether it’s a current problem, or a problem that’s been fixed and your phone just has the old version cached.)

Just a heads up, I’m on firefox and the Leif & Thorn header isn’t showing up for the Blue Castle theme

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