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Landslide Bring Me Down 11/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 11/75 published on 10 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 11/75

Katya: Elisa? Is something wrong?

Elisa: N-no! Just catching my breath before the kitchen shift.

Elisa (signed): My dad was halfway to buying out my contract and now he was in a mine collapse and might be dead.

Elisa: I’m . . . fine . . .

Katya: Leif! Did you catch that?

Leif: Yes! Everything is fine with Elisa. On an unrelated note, I feel like doing some extra dishes tonight.

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Well, on the plus side…having a fictional country that’s really shameless about exploiting and devaluing a lot of its people, I’m not gonna be short on material for at least the next few years.

Why can’t they say it aloud?

Are they really basically slaves at the Embassy?

You know that mind control stuff we saw them do on Leif the morning of his day with Thorn? Well, if the “morale seems down”, or they seem otherwise like they’d be unproductive, or uncomfortable for non-serf staff or guests to be around, I’m guessing they’d just “help them feel better”. As in, go in and rummage with their emotions and memories and values and thoughts, until the bonded staff is EXACTLY how they are “supposed to be”, all in the name of “effective management of bonded staff”. And, I can even see it being justified as “for THEIR OWN good, to help them be HAPPY and content with their lives…” (cue peaceful music and tweeting birdies). This is just my guessing, of course.
Then, you have the values shown when Leif was “honored” by being food. And the values shown about his recovery (at least he was treated like a VALUABLE dog, I guess). There are other things as well, I’m sure, but based on those biggies I’d have to say that YES. YES they are just basically slaves, as are all those of similar position within their society and laws.

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