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Landslide Bring Me Down 1/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 1/75 published on 5 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 1/75

It’s a children’s game, using the name of the famous sea adventurer Marlock Persil. The fact that Annie has the same last name is just a coincidence. (Well, I mean, he’s something like her fifteenth-great-grand-uncle, but she doesn’t know that, so.)


Juniper Mining Corporation: Gemstone Mine 2X4B-523P.

Various site personnel: How bad –?

Bad enough we’ve got experts flying in

Investors aren’t going to be happy

Still bringing people out

How many are still unaccounted for?

Communications relay is damaged — we can’t get a new one deep enough to talk to them.

If they’re even still alive in there!

Soon to be known to all of Ceannis as “the mine.”

Site personnel: “Can they at least signal each other?”

“Not with smartcrystals, no . . . they’ll have to figure out more low-tech ways to find people.”

Annie: Marlock?

Trapped miner: Persil!

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