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Landslide Bring Me Down 20/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 20/75 published on 7 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 20/75

Thorn (thinking): I hope Peach will have time to substitute for Birch, too . . . I’d rather have a semi-retired former teammate than a new one . . .

Leif: Thån! You’re back!

So you passed your evaluation?

Thorn: With colors that fly! So you saw my message?

Leif: Yes! Did you get my flowers?

Thorn: I did! Did you buy them, or are they from the gardens here?

Leif: Well, It’s the pre-frost planting season, so I was pruning and uprooting some perennials anyway, and I thought . . .

Thorn: That’s such a cool perk of your job!

Leif: Yes! A normal, legitimate perk of my job. Don’t tell anyone I did it.

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*Groan of frustration* Please boss, tell me there’s ways for Sonhem “servants” to defect and gain Ceannic citizenship.

Will Leif get “with flying colors”? Is that a Sonska idiom, or a Ceannic one?

Just realized I actually have an answer for this…it’s a maritime expression, so it’s Ceannic. Thorn is translating it literally, not idiomatically, which is why it’s written in awkward English. Leif figured out that it’s a good thing from context, but has no idea what it actually means.

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