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Landslide Bring Me Down 22/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 22/75 published on 8 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 22/75

Leif (thinking): One of Thån’s knights . . . is going to that mine . . .

Leif considers his options.

Leif (imagined): Can you rent Elisa long-term, and send her up there with him? Or, if it takes as long as they’re saying, maybe just buy her?

Leif (imagined): I’ll do anything you want to make this deal worthwhile. Anything.

Leif (imagined): Now, of course, stealing would be wrong, so I would never suggest such a thing . . .

Leif: Thån, if —


Thorn: Are you okay? Do you want to come sit down?

Leif: N-no! I — I had something in my throat that wasn’t supposed to be there. It’s gone now.

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Raise your hand if you hate Sonheim’s indentured servitude.
*Raises both hands*

Poor Leif. Those compulsions suck, huh?

On the one hand… it’s good to know that WRONGTHOUGHT isn’t zapped… it’s action that gets the volts.

On the other… situation 1 was the least subversive. 2 is wildly inappropriate, even if he wasn’t owned by the embassy. and 3 is the sort of thing that, even said in jest, gets you a talking-to in my workplace.

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