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Landslide Bring Me Down 25/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 25/75 published on 3 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 25/75

Pata, Mato, and the mining crew have been added to the character page! Well, the named survivors of the mining crew, at least.


Cress: You know what’s really behind this, right? Safety cutbacks! The bosses tried to “stay competitive” with Sønheic mines by cutting corners, and look where it got us.

Annie: Oh, I’m sure they never could have seen this —

Cress: Major safety regulations were rolled back three years ago! Mining accidents are up 160% since! The news has tried to bust them a dozen times, but they keep weaseling out of it!

Annie: Well, I don’t pay attention to that sort of thing. Just keep my head on my own work, and try to do the best I can . . .

Cress: If we get rescued at all, it’ll be by people who decided that paying attention was their work.

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