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Landslide Bring Me Down 33/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 33/75 published on 9 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 33/75

Annie: It was Birch who helped me get my parents the insurance payout they deserved. Well, Birch and his boss.

Thorn (flashback): We’re here to defend against a dragon, not predatory insurance companies. But of course, if you should happen to have a day off the next time she visits them . . .

. . . who am I to say what you should do with it? What day would that be, by the way?

Annie: . . . Next Monday.

Thorn: You don’t say! Not only is Birch available, but so are Peach, Marula, and Wreath. I hope they spend that time doing something fun.

Annie (narrating): Pretty soon we were doing all kinds of things together. The dog liked him . . . I liked him . . .

Birch (flashback): I’ve never been to a small-town dance social before . . .

Annie: Don’t be nervous! Nobody expects you to know what you’re doing.

Oooh golly, you know what you’re doing.

Birch: Aww, you’re just saying that.

Annie (narrating): After he lost the leg, he told me his motivation during physical therapy was knowing he had to dance like that at our wedding.

. . . Guess that won’t work out now anyway. Not unless we put the whole thing off until after my post-rescue rehab.

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I love how Thorn is all ‘hey, what they do on their time is there business’.

You keep saying Thorn’s ethnicity is fantasy-Jewish. This is the first time I’ve seen it (in the “who am I to say…”). Being Jewish, I’m not sure how to feel. (For the record, I’m totally ok with Sparrow in BICP being Jewish. That feels normal.)

Well, I mean, all the characters’ ethnicities are influenced by *something* in reality. That’s true with any fantasy world, it’s just that mostly the influence is “vaguely medieval English.”

This universe isn’t like Discworld, where the connections are so obvious that a lot of jokes rely on your background knowledge of the real-world culture that’s being referenced. (Even Sønheim isn’t an exact fantasy equivalent of Sweden/Norway. There’s a fair amount of Russian influence there, for one thing.) The strip should stand on its own internal logic, whether people are consciously seeing the connections or not.

But this speech pattern was always part of Thorn’s characterization. Probably would’ve been used on-screen a lot earlier if he wasn’t speaking in a second language half the time, where he isn’t fluent enough to speak in any way but “stilted.” And there are other vaguely-Jewish things in Iuilic culture and history! They’ll come up when they come up.

Haha, do those three find fighting predatory companies fun? I know I probably would if I had the muscle/power to back it up!

Who doesn’t find fighting predatory companies fun?

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