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Landslide Bring Me Down 34/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 34/75 published on 5 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 34/75

Eight days in.

Manager Marjolaine: . . . and half a bar for Annie, and half a bar for Gil.

Gil: I don’t think I can eat it, Manager . . . I think I am going to throw up if I try.

Manager: . . . I see. Go lie down for a while, Pickman Gil. We won’t let anyone else eat your lunch in the meantime.

Gil: Oh, you do not have to save —

Manager: Yes. Yes, we do.

Hey, Bram . . . you’ve been a whiz with physical healing spells. How good are you with the mental ones? Pickman Gil’s anxiety is getting to him — more than usual, I mean.

Bram: Uh . . . that kind of magic was never my specialty . . .

Manager: Can you fake it?

Bram: AH! Why didn’t you just SAY SO.

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