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Landslide Bring Me Down 50/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 50/75 published on 7 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 50/75

Leif (thinking): This is stupid. I should just forget all about it.

It’s an unusual situation. So I got an unusually bad idea in my head. That’s all!

I’m not going to act on it. Not really. Even if the compulsion hadn’t stopped me, I would’ve caught myself. Before it went too far.

I’m a good person. I’m not going to turn into my parents.

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I know some were disappointed in Leif yesterday. Here we “hear” in his thoughts that there IS a compulsion on him that played a part in his ultimate choices. We also “hear” him allude to a longtime conflict of probably monumental proportions, as anything involving a parental choice or trait that hurts, disappoints, or betrays would likely be. I have personally felt the weight of “I will not be (parent)” and it is confusing, undermining, and threatening, until fully understood and put in perspective and it’s place. For all we know, his parents were everything GOOD we would like to see, and were punished greatly for it, their son taken for it, and raised to believe all of those good things were actually bad, leaving a very confused and damaged individual. Whatever Erin reveals to us, I am convinced we will find that Leif is actually an amazing guy, who is even now someone I respect the strength and character of, given all of the attacks each quality has survived.

It will be really shitty if he’s in ‘permanent servant’ mode because his parents were fined/executed/outlawed. 🙁

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