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Landslide Bring Me Down 61/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 61/75 published on 5 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 61/75

Mata: Wow . . . is this all water? I guess they’re not just sending it down in bottles.

Pato: This must be for their water mage.

Mata: Oh, right — that’s how they’re planning to get the borehole wider. But it’s more than a thousand feet down!

That’s a long way for a single person’s magic to reach. Even if they are a giant. I guess it’ll have to be someone really old, wise, experienced —


Actual real live dolls are the CUTEST THING! I’ve never met any of you in person before!! Sooooo kyuuuuute!

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Welp, the hope for a happy ending was nice while it lasted. So, here’s the odds.

2:1 Ivy screws up out of distraction or being herself and winds up killing someone via negligence.
6:1 Ivy is actually overly cautious, leading to increased health problems for one of the survivors that leads to a death.
15:1 Mato and Pato screwed up the calculations or details and causes a secondary tunnel collapse.
55:1 Mato and Pato lay a smackdown on Ivy for calling them “dolls”.
100:1 The National Pie Council sabotages the rescue efforts.

You… DO remember how capable she is, right? Like, effortlessly redirecting stalker’s water magic? The explanation that she has crazy amounts of magic power? Y’know?

Besides, I doubt they’d send her alone. They probably were like, “hey here’s the person who has enough magic power to do this. Now let’s send some absurdly experienced guys to help her out.”

She has raw ability, and the ability to go into a sort of hyperfocus on things she’s personally concerned with. What I don’t see is any real experience, training, or the ability to size up a situation and take it seriously. Especially a situation where these people are already in dire straights.

As for that, I’ll believe it when I see said experienced guys.

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