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Landslide Bring Me Down 62/75

Landslide Bring Me Down 62/75 published on 10 Comments on Landslide Bring Me Down 62/75

Cornoullier: I am Magus Cornouiller, and this is my granddaughter Ivy. She has excellent long-distance water control. I am here to supervise.

Mata: Nice to meet you! I’m Mata, and this is Pato.

We drilled the hole you’re going to widen.

Ivy: Ooh, it’s not just that! I’m gonna do cleanup, wastewater removal, let them take showers . . .

. . . maybe run the showers of some tall brawny women with lots of arm muscle . . .

Birch: Just so you know, one of those is spoken for!!

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Oh, my, to dream of reality HERE when a young girl could be as self aware and open about her developing preferences, and risk only “standard” embarrassment. You do give vague wishes and dreams substance and image, Erin. Thanks! (BTW, same wishes for young boy mooning about men, it’s just not one shown at this moment).

This page has always bugged me. It seems kinda creepy to… be so excited about possibly running showers for someone you’re sexually attracted to. But she’s just a kid, and kids do creepy things without thinking about it. I’ve not seen an adult be creepy like that at all in this comic.

In retrospect, this installment is kind of confusing – only isn’t it established later on that Birch is fine with Annie stepping out? I mean, I feel like Ivy should probably give it a few years before she goes anywhere near someone Annie’s age, but Birch’s objection in this strip is that she’s “spoken for,” not that she’s too old.

Birch and Annie talk about openness as a possibility, but it’s not something we’ve seen them act on (in contrast to, say, Tansy). And it’s not like Birch wants to explain the intricacies of that to some random kid who’s a temporary co-worker.

Besides — “they’re not available” is, in general, a kinder way to shoot someone down than “they’re not interested in you, personally, as an individual.”

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