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Leachtric: Act II Summary (1/2)

Leachtric: Act II Summary (1/2) published on 12 Comments on Leachtric: Act II Summary (1/2)

Virtual cookies to anyone who can ID all the songs!

Since you’re going to miss the end of the show, let’s cover the highlights on the rest of the soundtrack.

Leachtric’s new role in Act II comes with a new costume.

Publicist (singing)
I’ll make you a suit to wear
Flowers in your hair
Everything that really counts
To be royalty
You’re gonna be royalty!

She starts hiring experts to fill the jobs held by royal relatives and sycophants.

Leachtric (singing)
Do you want to run our healthcare?
We don’t know what to do

She reassigns army units from empire-building to disaster-relief and infrastructure.

Artemisia & Mistel (singing)
Building, building, building, building,
building a functional road!

To help fund all this, she makes a deal to release Telga . . .

Telga: Since when is this a thing the government does?

Leachtric: Since now.

. . . who takes to her new job immediately.

Telga (singing)
No more shutdowns, no cutbacks
Friends of kings who’ve had it lax:
We’re done cutting you slack!
If you don’t want me dropping in
Start paying your tax!

Winberie and Brod also get funding, and a six-year term, to figure out what’s next.

Winberie & Brod (singing)
And who has the right
To have the final word on
Who makes up the government?
The voters, the voters! Election!

To be concluded…

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Panel 2 is (I believe) to the tune of ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’.

Can’t figure out any of the others.

Panel one is Popular from Wicked
I agree that panel 2 is likely Do You Want to Build a Snowman
Panel three I pegged as Follow the Yellow Brick Road. from Wizard of Oz .
No idea on Panel 4
And I think Panel Five is Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof

Panel 5: School’s Out by Alice Cooper? It reminds me of part of the chorus: “No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks”

I believe that the white line in panel 4 is the sword, and not a panel divider.

Afraid not on the tax song. All the others are right so far, though…

It’s the sword, yes! I uploaded a new version with the pointy bit showing, because it’s kind of important that that’s clear.

The tax song is Go Into Your Dance from 42nd Street, right?

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