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Leachtric: Act II Summary (2/2)

Leachtric: Act II Summary (2/2) published on 10 Comments on Leachtric: Act II Summary (2/2)

The rest of the good stuff from Leachric Act II . . . is mostly her long-avoided reunion with Rhódon’s long-runner sweetheart.

Leachtric: I used to read the stories and not understand why Rhódon didn’t run to you as soon as she knew . . . And then I did exactly the same thing.

Sorry . . . It must be hard that I keep putting you through this . . .

Palmeti (singing)
I have crossed many lifetimes to find you
I’ve learned to wait
Once you draw out the sword from inside you
Your heart will always guide you

Also, dealing with the fact that Palmeti isn’t one of her traditional reincarnations.

Leachtric: This is weird

Palmeti: It’s always weird

Leachtric: I mean the beard

Palmeti: Oh, the beard

And the full cast comes back on stage for the heart-stirring final number.

All (singing):
Who lives? Who dies?
Who gets reincarnated?
Who tells your story?

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Long-avoiding the long-runner, heh.
Man, I am a sucker for a good floaty scarf/cape like in the second panel.

Music cipher:
“But Im not afraid”
“I know who I married”
“So long as you come home at”
“the end of the day That would be enough”

Well, that went better than I was expecting. So much for the notion that Laceleaf is Rhódon…

Surely someone who reincarnates isn’t obligated to fall in love with the same person/reincarnations of the same person over and over again right? The whole concept seems a bit off to me.

I don’t think they’re obligated to fall in love time and time again, but there’s several factors that make it FAR more likely: 1) Reincarnations have similar personality traits, like they start with the same base stuff, 2) The other partner is a long-runner, so they sort of already know what type of personality they’re getting involved with, which makes it easier to get to know each other, and also cuts down that getting-to-know you process, and 3) Knowing someone was your lover in a past life is QUITE compelling. It makes you want to make it work.

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