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Leaf Pearl’s First Opal

Leaf Pearl’s First Opal published on 6 Comments on Leaf Pearl’s First Opal

Working on canon fusions between Gem types.

Pearl (Leif) is still shy about fusing, and Amethyst (Violet) is cautious about who she does it with…but when a mutual friend is in trouble, that’s enough to motivate them both into forming an Opal.

Violet: I got the call for backup. Where’s Sapphire?
Leif: He won the fight! But in the process he got thrown around a lot, and then…stuck.

Thorn: A little help up here, please??

Violet: Well, a Quartz can’t reach him at that height. And a Pearl definitely can’t reach him. You ever made an Opal before, Leaf?
Leif: N-no!

Thorn: Just who I want to see / To save me from this tree / A giant woman

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Weird question, and forgive me if the answer is in canon Steven Universe because all my knowledge comes from Tumblr, but can Gem!Thorn see the future? I know that the Crystal Gem sapphire can, though I don’t know if that’s a Sapphire power or just a weird quirk of the CG Sapphire.

Sapphires are rare gems in SU canon, so we don’t have much of a sample size. But I suspect it’s supposed to be standard. (Other than CG Sapphire, we know of a Padparadscha Sapphire who’s “defective” because all she sees is the recent past.)

Gem!Thorn seeing the future, though, would kinda screw up the AU’s plot beyond recognition. So he has a different power set. (More like the Ruby powers…which are different, for no very clear reason.)

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